Christophe Hausswirth

Christophe Hausswirth CEO at BeScored Institute Sophia Antipolis (France) Area of interest: Wearables, Nutrition, Sleep and recovery, Injury prevention, Other Bio: Dr. Christophe Hausswirth, PhD, is actually at the Head of the Research Department and Director of the Laboratory of Sport, Expertise and Performance (SEP, EA7370) at INSEP. He is senior physiologist since 1995 at INSEP and is adjunct professor (University Technology of Sydney, Australia) and involve in recovery and nutrition guidelines in the research department since 20 years. He published a new book entitled “Science at the tip of the fork, Nutrition and Sport Performance” recently in Sport Nutrition, linking Science and practical guidelines for athletes. Christophe Hausswirth has performed extensive research on the physiological aspects of endurance sport performance by manipulating cadence in several sports and pacing strategies. He has published more than 90 articles in peer-reviewed journals, 5 books, and 18 book chapters, and has also presented nearly 100 lectures on sport physiology and training at conferences and seminars worldwide. He used to be a high-level triathlete and runner and actually, as a sport physiologist, he works closely with more than 100 elite athletes and coaches in a variety of individual (Triathlon, Mountain bike, synchronized swimming, Cycling, running..) and team sports (French Soccer Team). He was in charge of all recovery modalities during the European Championship in Football in 2012 with the French team.

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